Rich Homie Quan - Ain't Worried

Ain't Worried Lyrics / Paroles

Pain on my sleeve, dont know why I walk around with it
All niggas, they changed on me, claiming they were down with me
Im oh so hot they looking like some underground niggas
So much on my mind, ain't got time to worry about these niggas
Can't worry about these niggas
Can't worry about these niggas
I swear to God on everything, I can't worry about these niggas
Its like money be made, I can't worry about these niggas
Hundred K in a week on payday, I ain't worried about these niggas

[Verse 1]
I ain't worry about these hoes and I ain't worry about no money
You ran out with that pit of weed, I ain't worried about no honey
I got two spats on the same street, so you know a young nigga banking
Feel like in front of my time, you know a nigga worry about nothing
See, I got a lot to hurt on my bun, when the cop parked you know I had to run
Hot by the beat, gotta be right on, beat by the Benz, I ain't talking no pun
No gray hair, young nigga like me ain't worry about nothing
Won't play fair, we got big money, we ain't worry about fines
Come back nigga, kid run a pack, better run it back, nigga
My niggas thought off, they dont go for that, nigga
Shoot you in the front, dont turn your back, niggas
Feeling like Kanye, fuck your picture
Tie your momma and fuck your sister
Hide motherfucker, feeling like a million
Dont dismiss em


[Verse 2]
Hundred K in a week, why you there standing in that robe?
Twelve hundred on my feet, why you not stay in them clothes?
Cause you want that free, I ain't paying for no hoes
I got a hundred rounds in that chopper cause a lot of these niggas phony
I ain't worry about these niggas, I bust in this place, eat sugars
Im balling on my pivot, I got a magazine full of missions
She fishing, Imma start the niggas like the bishop
Got em working for me and my business
I hope you ain't singing shit cause we torch around and Im with it
Got all nigga, yeah, yall niggas
I got yall bitches, push away or the foul niggas
I can't slip and fall in it, Im a moss but Im a fine nine nigga


I ain't worry, no, no, I ain't worry
I know legends in LA and they ain't talking bout yall worried
Ask about me in the A and theyll tell you the same story
My bitch probably fucking my nigga but you know that I ain't worried
I ain't worried, I swear to God I ain't worried
I ain't worried about shit
I ain't worried, put my money, hop a bitch
I ain't worried, I ain't worried
I ain't worried, I ain't worried, worried, worried, worried
I ain't worried about shit, about shit
I ain't worried about shit, yeah, yeah

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