Rich Homie Quan - Carlito [Lyrics/Paroles]

Rich Homie Quan - Carlito

Carlito Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Goose]

Hey man, you lil slick bitch. Oh, I know what's happenin', one thing about it, I saw you lil slick bitch. Ey man, where that money at?

[Verse 1]
Had to throw up inside that bitch when money money came up short
Diamond (?) ring on my forehead, what the fuck take me for?
Mason Mar, money, what I do is take that bitch to (?)
I mean (?) island
These niggas racial profilin'
Cause I got white and black diamonds
And the Rollex my nigga, no (?)
New charges, stay tryin' to indict me
But I'm too player for that
Plus I got a lawyer, pay it off my nigga
You tell me how player is that
(?) me but I got a lot of hoes
I'll teach a nigga how to play a bitch
And I'm smokin' on somethin' everyday
Like Popeye the sailor did
Can't remember the last time I paid for a meal
But you know them bitches cater me
Got the bitches in the kitchen cookin' dope
Whip it up like slavery
I ain't came to talk, came to fuck, what you think?
We gone lay in the bed
She from New York, fucked her good
Then she asked me for a Jadakiss
Baby girl suck this dick, make me feel it in your nose
We gone call you nasal necks
(?) superman ass nigga, askin'
Why you savin' bitches?
Crunk bitch pay attention

To my moves
My every step, you don't know what I do
You don't know I keep paper on me like I'm in school
That's why my money be straight lunch too

[Verse 2]
You can't beat us
Key my people
We doin' shit your way
You call me Carlito
(?) avenue
Trisha, ya'll nigga never knew
Heard they wanna kill me
So I piped up security and the car ridin' me nigga, bulletproof
Who is you?
When the tint on you can't see
Roll down the window with the sticks out
You niggas like (?) shoe, most of ya'll flip flop
You clip clop
Ya'll niggas, ya'll a disgrace to music
Ya'll niggas ain't hip hop, we are
That's what we are, you get it?
Money up and down like a see-saw
(?) standin' on a pivot
So much money in the attic young nigga filled up the whole ceilin'
So when it get hot nigga AC nah nigga I don't even feel it
Cause there's too much money in the ceilin'
Get it? Too much money in the ceilin', nigga

Too much money in the ceilin', too much money in the ceilin'
Too much money in the ceilin', too much money in the ceilin'
Plus I got some more in the basement, more, more, more
Plus I got some more in the basement, more, more, more

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