Rich The Kid - Broke Wrist (ft. T-Wayne & Key!)

Broke Wrist Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: T-Wayne]
Young nigga smooth with the wrist [x12]

[Verse 1: Rich The Kid]
Wrist game, Wrist game
Young nigga in the kitchen made a mill with the wrist game
Fucking your bitch in that matte black
Bring it back
Taught her how to whip it in the kitchen
Made a come back
I was countin' up racks when they was sleepin' on me
Bankroll too big, can't put a rubber band on it
I could whip it with a motherfucking broke wrist
Had to come up to the plug for the whole brick
Young nigga smooth with the pot
I don't wanna fuck
Give me top
I got 22 pigeons in the drop
I don't fuck with nobody cause I'm hot
Think I'm playing?, you must be crazy
In the living room tryna whip a baby
Thank the lord that I made it cuz they hate me
Taking trips out to Haiti
They know I'm rich, but a nigga still trappin'
We did it once, now the whole world dabbin'
Diamonds on froze, like the South Pole
Gas bag
Gas bag
I know they watching, so I'm trappin' smarter
Tryna break the pot
I whip it harder

[Hook: T-Wayne]

[Verse 2: Key]
Gotta make love to the pot
Love to the pot
Gotta make love to the pot
Love to the pot
When you scrape the pot
Better not miss a spot
Boy you missed a spot
Now you owe me guap
Made a lot of guap
Off my fucking wrist
I done took some risks
That made a nigga rich
Shout out my brother Rich
Shout out my brother Flip
My blood brother, man, man
Savage, he gon' trip
Oh Lord, not again
Oh Lord, not again
I think I hurt my hand, man
I think I broke my wrist
Wrist, Wrist, Wrist
Man, fuck that bitch
This some real shit
Yeah, I really whipped a brick
I don't get the gist
I don't get the gist
I really did this shit
It really don't make no sense
You ain't making sense
You ain't making sense
Get up out my phone
I'm finna go fuck my dick

[Hook: T-Wayne]

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