Rich The Kid - Let Me See (ft. Migos) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Rich The Kid - Let Me See (ft. Migos)

Let Me See Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Quavo]
Real trap niggas where the bands at
Real shooter nigga where your straps at
Let me see, Let me see, Let me see
Let me see, Let me see, Let me see
When you pull it out, gotta hold it real real low
No need to let the fucking feds see

[Verse 1: Quavo]
You a trap nigga, where your bricks at, nigga?
You a shooter, nigga where your strap, nigga?
Thinkin' that I'm soft, I'll cut your hand off
Read about it on the channel news nigga
You think that I'm crazy, I'll pull out the pistol, won't miss ya
Fuck that, nevermind that, nigga what you laughin' at?
POW POW POW ain't got nothin' to laugh at
10 missed calls on my iJack
They don't know where to fuckin' buy it at
Got my eye on a nigga like an iPad
[?] your bitch cooking up [?]
You sippin' gator skin, a fanny pack <---- ???
You know she got a lot of grams and
Know she got a lot of bandz in
She bringin' back boomerang, do you get it?
BOING BOING BOING, the Js annoying
Shine like drop of a coin
Hop on a jet just to get a P.T
They don't know that is [?] doing
Mistery, mistery
Got you feelin' like Scooby Doo
Have you ever witnessed [?] a dead man
Stash in the living room (stash!)


[Verse 2: Rich The Kid]
You a trap nigga, where the bricks at, nigga?
Breakin' your bitch like a Kit-Kat, nigga
Flippa got a choppa, better hold that down
Pull on your block, and now spray with a 100 round
Broke niggas do a whole lot of talking
I be ridin' with a [?]
That white girl just too gorgeous
Pull up in a Mazi on Forgis
Bitch I'm rich cause a nigga hit a jackpot
Quavo got birds in the trap spot
32 bricks in the Re-Rock
100 band jewler got the block hot
Nigga mad cause I made it and I'm iced out
Red bad bitch with a D-Cup
Fuck you bitch, I got big bucks
Countin' up bandz in the Brinks Truck


[Verse 3: Jose Guapo]
Ready from the street, gotta keep it Low-Key
Can't let a fuck nigga tryna' peep Low-Key
Can't say no we, I don't know you 'be
Fuck nigga might work for the peeps
Been down, laid down, nigga all about money
I know niggas still trappin'
Know nigga been trappin
Know nigga been trappin' since a baby
So nigga you can get you a whole key
Or nigga you can get you a OZ
Put [?] like Kobe
If you so 'bout it, then nigga just show me
Real trap niggas still [?]
I know nigga, you are the one who sent it through the mail
Apo, Guapo, I never tell
On Hoppa Street, yeah they got fish scale
I really can't tell you too much
Everyday nigga tryna' make trap sales
Dodging the F-E-D
They shippin' and wrappin' the peas
We search, we locate the lean
Wrap it and ship it to me


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