Rich The Kid - What You Been Doin [paroles]

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Rich The Kid - What You Been Doin

Paroles: What You Been Doin

[Hook] [x2]

What you been doin'?

Working, racking, flexing on purpose

Pull up, that Maybach swerve

Sippin' on syrup

Who got them birds?

I got them birds

I'm looking for somewhere to serve

Give me the word, these bitches they get on my nerves!

[Verse 1]

Bitches, they get on my nerves

Cause of the trap I got birds

The Rollie it cost me a vert

Came from the bottom, the dirt

I just might put all my chains on

Flexing on purpose it ain't wrong

Still sippin syrup outta styrofoam

Bitches I fuck then they goin' home!

All of my niggas still trapping

Your bitch disappearing, no magic

Racking and stacking the paper

I'm Rich, I got too many haters

Hoes they fucking and doing no talk

Sipping the syrup in the morning

Young Rich Nigga, I am not sorry

I'm flexing on purpose, I bought a Bugatti

[Hook] [x2]

[Verse 2]

Addicted to chasing the cash

I'm thanking the lord I ain't mad

Thinking bout' shit I ain't had

Now I got plenty of racks

Now I got cars in garage

Bitches they know I'm a star

I got a brick on my arm

30 my Rollie and charm

Where the fuck was you when I was locked up?

Now I'm flexing, walking around with my wrists up

They asking me what I been doing

The money it's coming it's moving

I think that I'm hurting their feelings

We not the same cause I'm different

Fuck it I'm dropping the ceiling

Young nigga been chasing the millis

[Hook] [x2]