Rick Ross - 30 For 30 (Remix) [paroles]

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Rick Ross - 30 For 30 (Remix)

Paroles: 30 For 30 (Remix)

[Verse 1]

What is life for a college kid with stripes
Well everybody jocks everybody so they think you alike, but you gotta show them niggas you why you is the chosen one and I just remain humble and stay thankful to heavens son, cause I know I can't help , alotta niggas trying to drift to my path , i take my time with this shit because I want it last, treat it like true dope, so after you hit you pass it, along to the music lovers , and keep it from simple niggas that's quick to judge us , we just banking on Fafsa but still tryna craft a budget
The government out here Trappin us, for my brothers in the streets that gotta sweat the pigs clapping us, so people can make they memes and just let the media laugh at us
That's the shit that im sick of
Got me tempted to pick up the phone see what I can get Brick of , judge my profit margins, then flip the fucking switch up but I know
That the haters out here watchin I know
That the Feds is actin like some shottas
I know
Nigga I guess I know what I gotta do
I put my shit on the tuck and change my attitude, get this money and push the music to where the showthey gratitude, and don't hate when you on, but they'll be glad it's you

[Verse 2]

Lately shit is complicated, been having visions of the day I tell my moms we made it, I held onto my promise and got my education, it wasn't easy , but I had to my motivation
Skipped class, stayed high like majored in aviation
Spent my money on beats and started being creative, asked for a message from God and his angels relayed it, the loudest silence ever had to hear what they was sayin
They told me Braxton it's yours kid , it's destiny, so that's why he gave me the struggle, and he be testin me
Keep my soul humble, and always directs me toward what is best for me, that's why I move low, you won't ever is next for me
No need for friends at this level, it's all about family, loyalty, respect, the smaller things, you understanding me?
So if you on that fuck shit, there ain't no room discussion, I got 30/30 vision I'm seeing through all bluffin, seeing through all the fronts , these niggas moving in double , all of em wanna stunt and flex about what they got, they just false advertising every single that they not
But can't worry bout em
I can't be concerned bout em
Just sit back peep game, find a lesson to learn out em

My team aunthentic, man we next and you can't prevent it
502, my whole city let's take it to sky
We all been slept on for so long and I wonder
You know this place is what we make it man, it's yours and mine
My eyes closed thinkin' what a time to be alive


What a time to be alive
5-0-2 I love this city man the shit is live