Rick Ross - Birthday (Ft. Diddy) [paroles]

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Rick Ross - Birthday (Ft. Diddy)

Paroles: Birthday

God Forgives I Don’t, Gold
MMG Tour, Leave the money on the scale
How real is dat?

[Verse 1]
Its been a minute since I been to church
Psalm 27, can I spit a verse
Preyin on the weak, I should send some flowers
I’m layin in the sheets, Im well endowed
Time to get the money Steve Forbes got
Im slowly movin up to Lyor spot
Net worth nigga hoes love to google me
Heavy jewelry, swimmin trunks on Laguna beach
Condo on Park Ave, The mansion in Boca
20 bedrooms, My shit bigger than Oprah’s
Dreams and Nightmares, Yeah Im still havin those
Side effects for niggas livin like animals
Tequila Cup, Cake for a Kingpin
Black Bar Mitzvah niggas ain’t seen shit
Obama Fundraiser – All Dope boys
Blow ya candle out so on and so forth
Boyz in da Hood, nigga game ain’t change
I done made love wearin eight chains
Death to my enemies, tattoo all of my memories
Use the project ground for my assemblies
I respect the tenant, dont step on my tennis