Rick Ross - Don't Tell Em (Remix)

Don't Tell Em Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: YG]
Mustard on the beat, ho

[Hook: Jeremih]
Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion
Girl I guess that must be you
Body like the summer, fuck you like no other
Don't you tell 'em what we do
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, you ain't even
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, you ain't even gotta tell 'em
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em
You ain't even, you ain't even even gotta tell 'em
Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Pull up to the spot, I see she blowing thick smoke
Stepping out of wide body and she thick (Wooo)
You've been misrepresented if you fufu
If your man fake, that goes for you too
I'm on a beach, White T and my cuban link
We at the table, bottles coming like I hit a Brink
Ass fat, nice rack, let me see you wiggle
Smoke loud for the pound, now they hit a nigga
Speed boat, dope boy, call [it gamble] flu
You of them, one of them, still a criminal
I'm in the back, know you see me, ain't gotta front
Red and black Rolex, this a one of one
Hood Billionaire, damn right, the biggest one
Stalley drop pills, double M we get it done
Fast money, boy [?] wanna run it
Take one, on the table toss a couple hundred

[Verse 2: Jeremih]
Girl, he fufu with it
But you know I know what to do with it
I'll give you that, girl, I'm talking laps
As if you got a pool in it
And she say she ain't with your best friends
Then let me be your down man
You know you feeling how your boy press play
Just keep that ass rewindin'
Only with you got it feel like this
Ooh why, why, why, why, why
Loving while grabbing the rhythm your hips
That’s right, right, right, right, right

[Hook: Jeremih]

[Verse 3: YG]
Throw it up 9-3-4, 8-6-1-6
I gotta missed call from your bitch
She been plottin on me for a cool minute
She wanna' suck my dick, and I'm cool with it
I like girls in the shower, when its winter fresh
It’s that Twitter pussy I met on the Internet
On my late-night thirsty, ‘cause it was late-night and I was thirsty
Girl, I been to that county girl, I ain't tellin
Handcuff me to the bed, girl it ain't no bailin
I keep a stack of hundreds like I keep a secret
If anything you were just exploring, you wasn’t cheating
She got my number stored under fake names
Her nigga think she faithful, but she runnin game
YOLO, so take me out these Polos
And we can fuck from Uno to Ocho

[Bridge: Jeremih]
Only you got me feeling like this
Oh why, why, why
Loving and grabbing the rhythm of the hips

[Hook: Jeremih]

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