Rick Ross - Oyster Perpetual [paroles]

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Rick Ross - Oyster Perpetual

Paroles: Oyster Perpetual


In this game it's all about timin'

It's all about your movement

Ours is oyster perpetual

Swiss, so accurate


The dirty niggas, right?


I'm smokin' to the face, I'm floatin' outer space

Hermes house shoes, gettin' straight to the cake

Hundred bottles, chicks stare, it's Aristotle

As I money launder, laundromats on every corner

Coin operated like them boys out in Vegas

Beatin' Fed cases like reprimandin' these fifth graders

Skip the Phys Ed, and yoga, bipolar

Get the big bread, so focused I'm bifocal

Two women, Twin Towers, I'm hittin' sour

Second innin', grape Swishas, they're Drake's bitches

But that's my nigga, share bitches, we big business

Real niggas, gettin' money, we splittin' millions

Condominiums, brick or ki, fickle V

Get the thickest bitch out of King of Diamonds to tickle me

I gotta lick her feet, 68, I'm diggin' deep

Pull the yachts out, Bel Air, Virginia Key

I'm on err' tackle, errwhere, Brian Urlacher

Err dollar, underneath my girl urr mattress


I'm nice with it, nigga

MasterMind, March 4th

Streets are mine

Black bottle boys

Haha, Ciroq lifestyle

Double M

See you real soon, niggas