Rick Ross - Supa Cindy (ft. Scrilla & Sam Sneak) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Rick Ross - Supa Cindy (ft. Scrilla & Sam Sneak)

Supa Cindy Lyrics / Paroles

She a bad one, thick as ever
True inspiration for these streets
I'mma call you Supa Cindy when you on your A - Game

That supa cindy, that supa cindy
Her cheeks tight and that [?] right that supa cindy
Fire up a chief fire of that supa cindy
Ball shoppin' ? that supa cindy
New contract like Tom Brady thats Supa Cindy
99 Jam that be Supa Cindy
That bad bad that Supa Cindy

If she a bad bitch I gotta call her supa Cindy
She brought it down with her
Rozay call her two for twenty

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