Rico Richie - Both Ways (feat. Verse Simmonds) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Rico Richie - Both Ways (feat. Verse Simmonds)

Both Ways Lyrics / Paroles


[Verse 1: Street Trill]

Sucking dick, trying to flip a couple of tricks
Excuse me Miss, I don't want to diss
But I want a dick rammed up my ass so hard
That I would be a stiff board
But at least I'm getting paid
And I'm getting laid, bitch
I go both ways
I am straight, and I am gay
I'm smoking crack every single day, bitch
I go both ways. (I go both ways)

Trying to make some money on the streets
I can jiggle on your dick, rip my asshole apart like a twig
I wanna ride all night
Dudes lick my ass every night, but crack's in sight. I-
Just picture my dad and though I feel kinda sad
I've gotta get my emotions out quick, let me get a hit
Crack in my system, no I'll never listen
Flip a fucking rock for 27-
I'm in Eden- with a dude's cock in my face
It's a disgrace- all the cum dripping from my face
Can you recognize me?
Or am I a little fucking boy trapped in the bathroom
With an abusive father?
Wish I could lie to y'all, wish I could tell ya I was just clowning y'all...
But I'm not

I was trapped in my room til age 2
Not even knowing my name, but I knew the game
Sold crack out of my bedroom for a discount to my homies
Sold crack all throughout my youth, how the fuck do you think I'm paying you?
Drop them drawers, I'll lick your balls
And if you think I'm smoking crack- it's true
Bitch I've got a job to hold and a whole lot of minds to mold
So if you're from the streets and repping HIV
Then you know I'm with y'all, cuz I'm hooked on that DMT

Yo, why you don't go catch that fucking HIV, bitch
Then you can join my crew

[Hook: Street Trill]
It's true, I'm hooked on you
Crack in my bloodstream
It's making me fucking cream
It's a hard life
Addicted to amphetamines
You're the girl of my dreams (Yeah, I've seen you in my dreams)
Spread cum in my seams...
Choke me

Kill me

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