RiFF RAFF - CHRiS PAUL [Lyrics/Paroles]


CHRiS PAUL Lyrics / Paroles

I can hit the mall, yeah
Bout to hit the mall yeah

[Hook: x2]
I can hit the mall and ball like Chris Paul (x2)
I can hit the club, drink a gallon of Cristal
I can hit the mall, I can hit the mall yeah

[Verse 1]
Shootin' jumpers and my skills are terrific
Should I finger roll or off the glass to Blake Griffin
Ten thangs go through my brain when I drive the lane
I might tear drop a floater, let it fall like the rain
Change lanes (change lanes), I only fly private planes
Drop a 100k on a chain like Wilt Chamberlain
Change the game but I'd rather change my clothes
If I don't like it in your city, I can change my zip code


[Verse 2]
Uh, top back, Neon python suplex
Drop 50k on my ruby red Rolex
Drankin' and scorin' [?] choppin' blades on the foreign
Bank account soarin' like DeAndre Jordan
Tattoos on my arm, I was raised on a farm
But I can cruise on 22s, hit 3s like Matt Barnes
Shaking dice in Boston, don't matter what it's costin'
Tint darker than coffee, my mouth looks like ice hockey


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