RiFF RaFF - Suckas Askin Questions (ft. Lil Debbie)

Suckas Askin Questions Lyrics / Paroles

Top secret redemption

[Hook: Riff Raff] x2
All these suckas askin' questions
Bitch I'm still flexin'
Suckas askin' questions
Bitch I'm still flexin'
Suckas askin' questions
Bitch I'm still flexin'
Motherfuckers talking to me like I need suggestions

[Verse 1: Riff Raff]
Ah, yeah
First out the gate, my name carry weight
Now I'm back to ballin', rap game Carrie Collins
Suckas think they flexin', askin' all these questions
Now I'm in East Texas giving Versace swimming lessons
I let you peep the chain, now I peep the Rocks in ring
In [?] airport, damn I need a private plane (damn)
Bitch you can't afford me, your life has no enjoyment
Tiptoeing in my Jordans and my house is two stories (nah)
Should I move to Phoenix, or should I buy a mansion
Ice on my hand caused new storm in New Hampshire
Now let me keep this clear, you suckas is confused
Stop asking me all them questions unless we're doing a cover shoot

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Lil Debbie]
It's the kid Lil Debbie, blades choppin' like machete
Bitches askin' questions but they lookin' like Freddy
Smellin' like Jason, trash hoes hatin'
Your man's on probation for public masturbation
I'm tryna keep my cool, ballin' like a fool
Iced out my ear with Mercedes hula hoops
Never had a twin, all these copies is my daughters
Should I push the Charger or strawberry Aston Martin
Wishin' on a star, sippin' on a bar
Swishin' my cigar got me sittin' on Mars
People, couple stars: Lil Debbie and Jody
Cup full of Kobe and I'm ballin' like Ginóbili

[Hook] x2

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