Robb Bank$ - Defined [Lyrics/Paroles]

Robb Bank$ - Defined

Defined Lyrics / Paroles


Nigga know I'm too savage I got two ratchets
Get your crew blasted
Roof, trashed it
Masi flew past em foreign coupe smash em
New classic black and blue graphic
I got two Ashleys
Blew at it, pour a deuce after I got two Fantas
Know I'm finer than your bitch

[Bridge 1]
She sucking that dick she fucking the set
She know what to do
Yeah, I do
Get these niggas phone stop fucking with me nigga lets go

[Verse 1]
Nigga I pop these percs and go insane
I can't feel a thing
Been fucking her soul for days
I piss in your face and say rain
I ashed in her drink then I put that dick in her face
I hop in that pussy go ape
My boxers is Bape
My dick is out for Harambe
If you a gorilla get sprayed
You niggas is lame you popping your shit on the sink
I walk in that bitch like Aaron Carter
I got candy ask them boys if they want it
I got 400 selling Magikarp
Got a Gyarados, drove it then evolved it
I went in the sauna with my bracelets on me
Made water water, Tobirama tsunami
Totally drama I'll pull up and pop at your momma
I got a new groove boy I move with the llama
Nigga hop out the Fisker, Byrd gang militia
Scooped by Melissa
I'm in the kitchen, remix with [?], fucked up the script right at the anchor
Rollie don't tick by my time is expensive
Keep my name out of your mothafuckin mentions
Ain't on your friends list
Block up, defensive
This ain't a scrimmage, [?]



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