Paroles: Boosie Fade

(Roc Marciano)
I must be some kind of Frankenstein, peep the way I'm designed
With a .9 by my waistline
Don't waste your time rhyming and quit your day job
I'm in the Bahamas till I came back to say ?
You eager to take my spot but the game is mine
I'm playing keep away with the Roc
You geeks could never play for my squad
Pop a muscle in your quad, you feel it like 2pac up in Quad
You got touched but no one got charged
Hustlers were shuffling the cards
Bust the gun down and flush away the parts
Whatever don't fit just chuck it and just flush and park
I be right here with the truck in park
While the ? band played I stared ?
My grades can't be patched with a band-aid
? hand grenade, do a show, I didn't get a scrape on my handsome face
No Wraith can equate to my traits ? you need a Lambo today
My character nothing man made ?
MY palace way past Alize, this a glass of Ace
It's safe to say I have immaculate taste
The grass was saturated with snakes
Had to navigate through the maze
Went from the new kids on the block
We was moving weight to get stupid paid
Flipped the script and did some music and now we ? in the game
Who they at the top of the food chain baby they say we ain't Lucifer's reign
I'm sick, this ain't your everyday flu strain
Chase ? with the Deuce, obey what I do say
My blade will get you way more than a Boosie Fade

(Westside Gunn)
Ay yo, the Mac in the Macintosh (Mac in the Macintosh)
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