Roc Marciano & DJ Muggs - Aunt Bonnie

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Roc Marciano & DJ Muggs - Aunt Bonnie

Roc Marciano

Aunt Bonnie

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Paroles - lyrics: Aunt Bonnie

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]
Shot up the golden rock to hit the rover spot
Smoke a lot of pot like Prop Joe on the co op
My hoes got blowjobs too cool to ball
I might slow [?]
I get you robbed [?] Omaha
Ain't no hoes in my [?]
I let foes dry on the clothesline
My whole styles remind me of [?]
About to start my own clothing line and be multi
Don’t play both sides you get hit
And left by the roadside
My lady knows how
I'm a snob
I'd rather do crime with the mob
Than punch a time card
Your body pop out the drop like a pop tart
Nigga don’t ever fix your face to front
We eat fake gangsters for lunch
To wet my taste buds
380 snub [?]
I had on rubber gloves
Just for pumpin' your gums you got slumped

Severe heirlooms

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]
Danced with wolves
Learned a couple new dance moves
Might need a hot air balloon
To get a clear view of my hairdo
These squares [?]
Muggs provide the backdrop
I crack your top and apricot
Then laughed off your plot to sabotage
Every half a bar is worth a Jaguar
We buying caviar Pathmark
You marks ain't even hit the halfway mark
I'm like a young Hasselhoff
Satin drawers, Michael Kors velours
Hopped out the 4 door like Boston George
They gentrified the game
That's when the God came in Cartier frames
I sprayed your frame, you changed body weight
Sacrifice you with a bag of rifles
To end your life cycle in a fly Nike boot


Straight up



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