Paroles: Joe Jackson

Huh, Marcielago
Yo, Clear a path hoe, let the chinchilla drag
I was chilling in the Jag
Might have to grab the MAC right out the gym bag
Spin ya bitch ass, give you whiplash
Lift you with tad and dash, I'm a bad dad
All my kids have been missing class
I've been discipline my children, I had other shit to deal with
Rubber grip on the steel pimp, Specs of blood on my silk fit
All that was left was flesh and no spirit
Not a lyric I spit was ghostwritin, the Rolls Royce Ghost was driven
I'm what the culture was missing, I'm a cult figure
Boat tipper, ex coke flipper
Choke is consistent like a boa constrictor
It gets cold when I bit ya
The vultures get ya, the gucci loafs is the slippers
The dolce kicks with the zipper
How dare you go and stick your toes in my pippens
The mold is different, I broke the template
Kings over princes? King cobra skin on my shoulders lookin pimpish, The rose gold rollie lookin pinkish
Chop the shotie nose like a sphinx features
Clean these niggas up bring the street sweeper
All you heard was the cheap sneakers squeaking in sequence
Bitches kiss the ring frequent, uh
Fuck the fame it's one chain a buck and change
A suede bucket laid on the waves muthafucka I way above your grade
Love is pain, the money was smudged with blood and stains
It came from someone's jugglin vein?
Nigga, ya, nya

Pierre hardy Ferrari, Marci, carve the G hit artery
Flood the audemars it's all watery, fresh out the quarry no chlorine
Your story king does nothing for me, bust the 40 out the mustard Audi
You busters is dog meat, don't make me hold ??? in the street
I always keep a accordion to squeeze, its noisy
Dump the boys somewhere is Boise, talking oily ??? Royalty
It was shorted to me with no loyalty
But what's the point in being salty
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