Paroles: Molly Ringwald

It came to me like a dream but I ain't sleep
It don't take a psychic to read, I like the finer things
The green Lamborghini Lama Bean
Lil' mama just copped this ride for me (Thank you baby)
On the fly just like some socks and jeans (It's nothing)
It's a common thing
Connie Queen I ain't even got to squeeze
Chopper sprees to ya while it bleed (Out)
If I want your wife I could pop her but why bottom feed?
Feasts with the mob and not where lobsters eat
You obviously weak, I spend quality time with beats 'fore I beat
There's creases underneath the sheets of this love
Though why would I just up and leave? Hun we was just fucking it wasn't deep
Oh silly me am I naive am I crushing your dreams?
Are you someone to be trusted are you my crush to lean? (Yeah, right)
You must be sipping crush with lean to believe I'm cuffing these
Buzzards with a couple seeds up in Chuck E. Cheese (Please)
Thought I'd leave a few plus degrees
You thought I was done but I won with the faith of a mustard seed
(Please, tell 'em nigga)
Gettin' it straight from the horses, niggas is pillow talking
The whores I'm having intercourse with, I been on my bore shit
Don't let these broads out here string you along like a dog, pimp
It's all pretend, don't fall for it, kid (Don't fall for it)
The pen is an oil rig, I'm spoiling with the gems
I got more but the game's a disloyal bitch
It's all fixed
I had to storm in and kick the door off the hinge
These niggas is spin-offs I might give you 4 then spin off
Shots ricocheted off the walls like a pinball
Ping pong, you prolly on that Molly Ringwald
You was just a snotty nose kid with ringworm, I was doing my thing, Lord (Thing Lord)
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