Paroles: Saw

(We ain't goin' nowhere)
(We ain't goin' nowhere)
This shit sounds like when the gates of hell open, nigga
It's that "Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome" shit
(We ain't goin' nowhere)
(We ain't goin' nowhere)
There boy, Marc baby
Yeah this shit feelin' like the Reaper in the room
Shit gets dark
Like Death pullin' up
Can you fuck with me? Never
Last days shit
Like when the sand of an hourglass is runnin' out

Yo, swingin' swords got finger sores
The source is leakin' from my pores
Left the port with these Puerto Rican broads
My deepest thoughts is the secrets of peace and war
I'm on top of the heat, y'all beneath
Can not compete in the sport
Cop a seat, form a line to speak with boss
I'm a dominant elite
The Queens is like how much semen cost
Ride the cleanest Porsche
Prolly in sneakers y'all never seen before
Obviously I'm eatin' quite decently I don't need y'all support
For y'all to get on the feast I'm the key to the door
While my Hennessy was being poured
All my demons were torched
My genes was reinforced by me pingin' off on a cerebral horse
Indeed the Lord he dipped me in seasoning salt
Don't push me I will put hands and feet on a whore
My mini mansion is so clean you can eat off the floor
Peep the decor, ? imported from Singapore
The last of my enemies all she saw was meat on the sword
Safe to say we chopped it up a bit
The choppa dump intense tear the bumper of the trunk of ya Benz
Crash and hit the store front the business was crushed to bits
The hood of the trunk was sunken in
Like the cheeks on a fiend from suckin' a stem
Thin look like Skeleton covered in skin
The kid spotted you
In the scrubs I was bustin' a Pis' Juggler slit
Whoever think they fukkin' with this can jump off a cliff

Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp
(We ain't goin' nowhere)
(We ain't goin' nowhere)
(We ain't goin' nowhere)
(We ain't goin' nowhere)

Yeah… Yo…
They tried to ? by the carry
Knew I was savage soon as I climbed out the barrack
Wand the chalice I'm in the ?
I was too arrogant for Donna Karan
I only respond if the bag is massive
Hov gave me a dap
Right afterwards he stabbed Un in the abdomen
I jumped in a cab with an African
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