Paroles: SAYLAVI

Satin Sheets I'm a Sheikh
Bottles of Romanée Conti duck confit
Saylavi, y'all gotta be sprinkling bombazi on y'all weed
Not in the least am I intrigued not a tiny piece
Shiny time piece probably a light 90G's (It's light)
Y'all know my body (Y'all know my body)
My ideology is like Gotti's
The dichotomy there's two sides of me
The one that fires the heat and then there's the science geek
Tires screech in the Caprice
Freaks DM me on IG
But I ain't geese you never seen these sneaks on Hypebeast
My queen a tiger not the type you could keep on a leash
If she bites you king you probably only see white meat
Your white tee look like Moschin
The dye bleed on the jeans
Gotta bob and weave like Muhammad Ali (I'm a bad man)
Y'all not me, just some identity thieves without proper ID
When you spot him in the streets
Spot him like the police
Hold him till I come throw him over the knee
Roll the tree
My hoe from the D wipe chicken roti off the homie goatee
OMG (Oh my God)
Bro this is poetry over beats
When I married the game I told them only Jodeci could sing

Ugh, we came and left in the Cayman S
The same day we paid the connect I became an exec
If they're in the red only death could straighten the debt
I levitated while the rest were just taking baby steps
Only slept to give the brain a rest
Can't drain the pen you gotta wait a sec
For training prep I might have to abstain from sex
Say less I'm just entertaining the guests
My neck Elizabeth Tayloresque I'm the best
Tuck your tail in your motherfucking legs
Now who said my jumper wasn't wet
My shots were touching nothing but net
When you were still a youngin wetting your underwear
Pull up it's money like Thunder Dan (Cash)
They said it's a young man's game...till I bust your ass
Said it's a young mans game...till I bust your ass

It's like that
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