Rock city - Lose ur love

Lose ur love Lyrics / Paroles

Don't tell me that you leave me
'Cause without your hair I'm losing my air
And I can't breathe
They say that it's over I know it ain't over
To the fact that it seem to [?]
So I'm turning then [?] the man
Losing the broken heart

I don't wanna lose your love
I could've take a [?]
I don't wanna lose your love
Tell me what is it gonna take.
La la la la la la la la la [?]
I could've [?] la la la la la
Tell me what is gonna take.

You a [?] on my knees to kick you here with me
Whenever however whatever it takes your love
I wanna be with you tell me what I gotta do
I'm still waiting in the [?] I'll give you the world because
I'm over till I'm [?] of the fact that seems [?]
[?] then I [?] tryin a man loosing in your broken heart


We get on try when we get back
It's the way and that's a fact
No matter I'll never stop I love with you don't take it back ooh
'Cause baby I'm tryin forever now or never to show you better [?] let you go


Don't tell me that you need me

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