Rockie Fresh - Hotel (Freestyle) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Rockie Fresh - Hotel (Freestyle)

Hotel (Freestyle) Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 2]
Double MG, rocking set set
Put your money on a young'n, that's your best bet
I'm with my nigga, fresh goods, getting more cheques
Finna cop my mom a new crib and let her relax
Y'all seen me on my development stages
You seen me get booked then turn several pages
A click full of animals who roll, got them cages
And my brothers not the Isleys but the money contagious
Yeah, I adapt to every bump I ever had to every cut
To every scab, I just recovered in the lap
Now I got the juice, they saying that 2Pac is back
A nigga speak the facts, the bottom of a Snapples cap
Good things come to those who wait
But not much comes to those who hate
Them fuckboys, I cannot relate
My mind is in another state
Them Pumas on me but you know
That young'n still rocking Bape
I'm working out
I gotta get my situation all in shape
You take it light like a lil fat dinner
My bitch or the plot, I don't know what's thicker
I'm thinking 'bout Hawaii for this Chi-Town winter
But I might need a yacht cause I'm not much of a swimmer
And Lord knows, I ain't down for no fender bender
Like the night is out when I knock out a nigga, don't fuck with me
I just wanna see my people live comfortably
100 dollar meals when they have lunch with me
They say my style OD, no, not OC
And I'mma ball on these niggas if it's 1 on 3
No, my grind ain't late, say my grind grand prix
Had that dope boy magic, they see it on my T
Damn, and I don't do shit free
No matter how many dollars, baby I'm still DP
Yeah, and that's a mill or not
Got 100 to make, I got 100 to come, yeah

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