Rockie Fresh - I Need [Lyrics/Paroles]

Rockie Fresh - I Need

I Need Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Peezy]

[Hook: Sample]
I need, sunshine
I need, angels
I need... something good, yeah
I need, blue skies
I need, them old times
I need... something good, yeah, something good
Something good, yeah, something good
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Woh Oh Oh

[Verse 1]
Try to put your lifestyle in this perspective
Every mornin' wakin' up to get McDonald's breakfast
And I'll hop into whatever whip my homies drive
Not on the bus out of pride so I gotta ride
Teachers talkin' 'bout potential that I don't apply
But fuck school, I want vacations on the other side
I get the cake, take a break, then I self divide
I hear 'em talkin' but I'm winnin' so I let it slide
I pray for niggas sayin' that I ain't shit
Cause I too once had to work the late shift
Moving boxes had the young boy back in pain
A slave work that I would do for this paper chase
Now I'm gettin' money, they say I should style more
Dance on 'em, pop bottles, nigga smile more
Truth be told, though I feel like I ain't done much
I think I need some more time and some more blunts


[Verse 2]
Understand me, I want more for my family
Don't matter what they hand me, I'mma turn it to gold
They dealin' with some issues and gettin' right with my soul
So I'm pennin' down letters, you watchin' this shit unfold
These crooked niggas taking back cause I'm straight forward
Mama told me shit could happen when you wait for it
This patience brings millions cause I'm 'bout it then
It's hard though, like trying to live life without a sin
And I think I need to focus on me more
Sent some niggas out of town to try to help 'em see more
Still they work and ignore then they see floor
Never get the point but they always try to keep score
And claiming that they're real but they're really bitches
You cut 'em off, they wanna go and tell your business
Through the fake shit, I find a way to supersee
I gotta get everything a nigga need


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