Roddy - Fortune (feat. Trademark Da Skydiver) [paroles]

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Roddy - Fortune (feat. Trademark Da Skydiver)

Paroles: Fortune

I guess its in my blood to never give a fuck
Pops was a rebel, a cold blooded brother
Ain't no I in team, we gonna make it out together
Like Shaq and Kobe or Duncan or Ginobili
You only get one shot don't miss Robert Ory
Or like Jordan and Pippen, i'm gonna ride for my niggas
All got something in common, man we all tryna get it
Id rather be the outcast while yall tryna fit in
Trying to sell me dreams im like who the fuck they kiddin?
Kept it 100 guess them niggas ain't feel me Till my cousins locked up I told him put me on his visits Cause he had faith in me when ain't nobody didn't
Hate to admit it, lost focus for a minute. lost hope for minute, went broke for a minute
Even niggas on my team who got fly with a nigga, puffed loud with a nigga, switched sides on a nigga
But I'm sticking to the script yeah moneys still the mission
I can get a roll of real but that ain't nobodys business
Had to set my watches, perfect timing on them niggas
Man they love to throw shade when youre shining on them niggas
Stuntin on them bitches, pardon my manners, I got henny in my cup, I can't hold my bladder
They couldn't reach my level, no not even with a ladder
I hustle cause I had to, even on camera, flexing on them bitches trying to break these bad habits, got million dollar thoughts while im baggin up this cali

I'm still laid back roasted plottin on my fortune

Soldier rag tied around my head like a was Rambo or Juvi
400 degrees in this camo, my uzi, weigh a ton nigga I can handle a shootin
Shit up on this track, boy, feel this ammo, I kill these cockroaches like Montana
Hot as the savannah, but my flow cold like im Alaskan, fingers numb cause I smoke my weed down to ashes
Zips of OG no need to pass it, lames tryna see me they need glasses, niggas tryna be me they be classless
Straight dude from the old school, im a graduate, all that hating on me you should cancel it, in the ring nigga im a champion
Talking all that slick gangsta shit bro whats happening? You ain't bout that life stop actin then
Tryna question my drive like I ain't passionate, I didn't rap all this fly ass music by accident, this rap game im trappin it

Im still laid back roasted plottin on my fortune