Rome Fortune - Dance [paroles]

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Rome Fortune - Dance

Paroles: Dance

I just want to dance (wanna dance)
So I don't have to think about
The things I think about
I just want romance (romance)
But if it doesn't come about we can dance it out

Just dance [x5]

[Verse: Rome Fortune]
We do not have to get nasty (no)
We do not have to stay classy
We do not have to get Uber
Or we can get Uber and talk in the backseat (yeah)
Baby the future and past be
Stressin' my ass out I can't sleep (can't sleep)
That is the reason I'm dancing
Money can't help me, lovin' can't help me (nothing, nothing)
So I'm on the dance floor pretending I'm healthy (I'm healthy)
Not saying nothing won't help me but this is helping (nothing, nothing)
So baby let's just sweat it out
My heart is broken, I don't want to fix it
This beat is perfect, do you want to French kiss
Our lives ain't perfect, do you want it different
Your car ain't running, I'mma start the engine

Just dance [x8]


Just dance [x5]