Rome Fortune - Move Your Body

Move Your Body Lyrics / Paroles

Put your body on me, put your body on me
Girl put your body on me till your body's on repeat

[Verse 1]
I said "girl, I really wanna take you home, you know?"
I said "I really think you want some Rome, you know?"
I said "yo, you don't know a nigga cleaner"
I said "don't stop, what does it mean?"
I said "please don't make me have to wait"
I said "I swear that I know how to --"
I said "taste like whoa"
I said "how can I not wanna, wanna, wanna?"


[Verse 2]
I'm really glad I took you home, you know
I said "it was clear that you was shown the ropes"
I said "it was great, hell of a time"
I said "wait like that, turn to the side"
I said "it's an abyss when it's like this"
I said "you got that ass, you got them hips"
I said "I DJ your lower lips"
I said "you going crazy, girl, what is this?"
I said "it wasn't nothing, I swear it was"
I said "looking behind you, that's what I want"
I said "yeah, I got it, yeah, I love it"
I said "yeah, she got it, yeah, she love it"

(Move your body, move your body)
(Move your body, move your body)
(Move your body, move your body)
(Move your body, move your body)

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