Rossi - All I Want (feat. IAMSU!) [paroles]

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Rossi - All I Want (feat. IAMSU!)

Paroles: All I Want

[Verse 1: Rossi]

It's around three

And I ain't tryna leave out of here tonight

Unless you with me

I know you wanna leave your women behind

All I know is your body's calling me, baby

Your ass is feeling amazing

Can you ride it like a Mercedes?

[Pre-Hook: Rossi]

No holding back, holding back

I wanna see you throw it back, throw it back

Or can you just put it, put it on me?

I'll be all night baby, I'll be all night baby

[Hook 2x: Rossi]

All I, all I want

Is my hands touching on your body

All I, all I, all I want

And we ain't gotta tell nobody

[Verse 2: Rossi]

If I see it and I want it

She will get it more than two times

She'll be all up in her feelings

If she get it more than three times

And I be gone in a minute

Don't be running like gimmick

If you don't know what I do

I'ma put it down on you

[Pre-Hook + Hook(2x)]

[Verse 3: IAMSU!]

I just wanna touch, I just wanna hold

Am I doing too much? Baby, let me know

First I'ma get it wet, put you on a Southwest

Show you 'round the whole bay

Smoke something, clear your head

Introduce you to the squad, in the bed I do my job

Take you down to Hollywood, [?] boulevard

I wanna know what you like, what you into

Talk kinda slick, I got game like a pimp do

Dance on me baby, show me how you get down

Show me how you move in the crib when nobody 'round

You be on your own hype and I like that

And every time I catch it, baby throw it right back

[Hook 2x: Rossi]

[Outro: Rossi]

Hbk, yeah you know how we play

And I can't quit all I know is gang shit