Royce Rizzy - 100 Grand

100 Grand Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Freeway]


If it ain’t money then you get to be (alone)

She hit the weed and then she fell asleep (smoke)

Yeah, it’s only OG that he selling me

She wanna fuck what she keep telling me

Yeah, I’m driving fast, I let the swisher burn

I’m a pimp, she got to wait her turn

Yeah, oh she mad, she need to understand

That my lifestyle 100 grand

[Verse 1]

The way I smoke a pound on the dresser

I’m a pimp, feel like Hugh Hefner

Chanel chains cover up my body

KTZ and all this came from Kwazi

I got the juice and I can’t keep em off me

How these bitches end up in the lobby?

Wake and bake then sip my coffee

Bitches bad, she got a softy

They see the sleeves and ask me what it cost me

What the record label toss me


[Verse 2]

30 thousand dollars on the floor

I wear em once and then they out the door

Call me anything but never poor

I beat her twice and now she say she sore

Why they question what I fucking wear?

I spent a thousand on my underwear

Bitches all talk and share

Tell my dog to pick a pair

I bet they leave with you

Give you head and smoke some weed with you


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