Royce Rizzy - Drive Away [Lyrics/Paroles]

Royce Rizzy - Drive Away

Drive Away Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by J Pradon]


Let’s take the top off

And drive away

Girl I need your body

Every day

[Verse 1]

She wanna know me

Let’s keep it lowkey

Ain’t got no whip, let her ride the G

She smoke my weed, she eat my food

I give her dick, so we is cool

My lifestyle pipe, your main bitch [?]

Hit her from the back, everything she like

She order [?], she don’t ask the price

We in supreme, I tell her swipe

Bitch this Atlanta, I’m out in Magic

I’m spending money, I got bad habits

And you know you love it, everything I do

And she wanna shuck it, let her do what she do


[Verse 2]

Bitches all over my body, she wanna move in with me

She said she in love with that Dej Loaf

I bought her some Hennessey

The weed that I smoke is loud

She [?] a zip for me

And that pussy wet, I’mma dive in it

She get to shaking, when I slide in it

She scream that Papi when she riding it

Deep [?], she won’t stop calling

She want me back, and I want her too

But it’s private club, and that’s against the rules


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