Royce Rizzy - Lavish

Lavish Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Big Jerm]

[Verse 1]

As a kid I couldn’t imagine things

Like 700 on these [?] frames

Or smoking 28 grams in 24 hours

Or getting groovy with my bitch like I’m Austin Powers

When your bitch she the [?] she thinking dammit

I tat my whole body, turn my stomach to a canvas

Put a Xan in her drink, now she want to go hours

And the money stacking up like the twin towers


Stack money, and tell my niggas if they want it bad enough they can get it

Stack money, and if I ever see a million bet the private club gone split it

Stack money, so big that my kids don’t ever have to worry

Stack money, till me and my niggas hit the dealership and go and splurge

[Verse 2]

[?] feeling like yesterday

Jordan shorts with the braids, man I rocked this shit like yesterday

San Diego, that was yesterday

[?] cones to the face, man I smoked that shit like yesterday

I talked to Steve, that was yesterday

Said he booked me for a show in Alabama, that was yesterday

I just got a check today

But I blew it on these frames so I’m grinding like it’s yesterday


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