Royce Rizzy - Round Us [paroles]

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Royce Rizzy - Round Us

Paroles: Round Us

[Produced by J Pradon]


I been putting in so much work

Want a feature, got to buy this verse

And you don’t know what I been through

Need someone to vent too

I don’t owe y’all niggas

Mama said show y’all niggas

I keep them day ones round me

Ain’t no fake ones round me

You know it’s money round me

So don’t you hate around me


Don’t hate around us

Don’t hate around us

It’s money round us

So don’t you hate around us

[Verse 2]

Had to make it work for a minute

Been putting in work for a minute

In the basement tryna make hits

Had a whole bunch of hoes on my dick

Young nigga just tryna get rich

One day this all gone switch

See my posse did his job

He [?] me to a [?]


[Verse 3]

Jacket is expensive

[?] is expensive

[?] is expensive

My lifestyle is expensive

Just stay rule my niggas

I still won’t trip, my niggas

And they was with me at the bottom

So at the top I’mma be with my niggas

Told god I’mma give it my all

If you need me girl just call

And this lifestyle don’t come easy

Cause not everybody needs me

Windows cracked, blowing reefer

Bad little bitch, she a diva

Brand new Bent, four seater

Interior is cheetah

[Hook + Interlude]