Run The Jewels - Get It [Lyrics/Paroles]

Run The Jewels - Get It

Get It Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: El-P]

Penny ante your bets up

Any sanity left (nah)

Any chance for humanity's landing on who's the next up

Hope we handed 'em ammo enough to work from the neck up

Those who handling damage control don't wish us the best luck

I'm a living in smoke type

Floating with a grin over the moat type

Harry Allen on you bitch, I believe no hype

Closer to the edge than even we want to admit

If this don't go right

Then assholes like myself are proven so right

All I got is this rap shit

All I want is a castle

And to move like a man with a minimum of harassment

The company of women with opinions and fat asses

That's my list of demands

You don't answer them, get the Gatling

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]

I'm stuck in a time capsule

When rap was actually factual

Meanest shit you spit might cause killers to come and clap at you

Stupid, goofy, stooly

The gooch in Gucci will slap you

And that go for the cop kissing cats that's in the back of you

They all sweet as Little Richard damn

Good God al-Molly

It make a nigga like me go "Woo!" and rob the party

I exit stepping with my weapon with the Jefferson walk

If you expressing any objections you can get left in chalk

So my suggestion's let a G be

Forgive my transgressions

Or I'mma be in Catholic confessions professing depression

I'm chin checking, chill stressing, on your button I'm pressing

Mike'll fuck a rapper's life up like Mo'Nique did to Precious


You know I...

Get it

[Verse 3: El-P]

My name is Jaime Meline

I'm not chasing the green, I'm taking it

Bosses don't change a thing in the name of seemingly making it

Servants'll kiss the ring of whoever they think is paying 'em

You don't deserve the spit that they hurdled up in your face and shit

[Verse 4: Killer Mike]

My name is Michael Render

And we are the new Avengers

We're here to tell you all your false idols are just pretenders

They're corporation slaves indentured to all the lenders

So even if you got seven figures, you still a nigga

[Verse 5: El-P]

Some men aren't meant for the light to be shined on their shitty talking

Ya'll better off trying to hide like the yay in a little pocket

We're overly fucking awesome

They watch and adopt our concepts

They squawk at the Run the Jewels squad

We skin 'em then cop a coffin


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