Runway Richy - By Any Means

By Any Means Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook - Runway Richy]
By any means
By any means
By any means necessary, nigga
Even if I gotta bury ya
Want it all, I ain't sharin' with ya
You know me and money married (nigga)
By any means
By any means
Even if I gotta take (nigga)
Even if I gotta chase
Even if I gotta go to war, fuck boy, promise you won't make it
By any means
By any means
By any means

[Verse 1]
Go hard or go home
My niggas out of control
I'm on a roll
I'm 'bout to kick in your door
Bro, I was just hittin' your hoe, so...
I'm not in love with her doe
Feeling bout that money nigga just save it
White girl on braces (on braces?)
Make the work straighten up like braces
I don't see nothin' but them big faces
??all night in the bushes
I gotta sell it and push it
Trappin O.G. and the Cookies
Backed out on em, he a rookie
??? if I got to (two)??
Runway cookin' (What's that smell?)
287 111 (????)


[Verse 2]
Saddled up like a rodeo
Say he need money he lying, Pinocchio
Dry the pack back, for sale Antonio
Dope ball, nigga tied that's a oreo
Get it however I gotta
Money ???
My mom's a rider?!
Make it and take it and make it off robbin'
Got it out the mud - straight out the bottom
We could be fuckin' cool
Swear I don't mind giving niggas the blues
By any means I don't play by no rules
Ballin no court, lil homie so choose
???? Shoes
These niggas Winnie the Pooh
Get rich or die trying
Put the mask back on, it's 'bout that time
Front street with it trap??
Taking no ? I want every dime
You know, by any means necessary
You know that I'ma get mine
(You know, by any means necessary
You know that I'ma get mine)


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