Russ - Davidson [paroles]

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Russ - Davidson

Paroles: Davidson

[Produced by Russ]

[Verse: Russ]
I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees
You living your fears
I'm living my dreams
I was just seventeen
Focused on my game around five ish
Damn time flies but I don't mind cause I'm the pilot
Definitely had turbulence
Week long molly binge
Luckily that got old quicker than the floppy disk
I ain't gonna lie I fell for girls that I shouldn't have
But if I didn't date a hoe and get arrested
There's a classic rap song with a couple million views that I wouldn't have
Lookin' back
With zero regrets
But no more superhero S on my chest
My ego thought it was bulletproof
'Till she shot through the vest
But it was all for the best
I had to leave who I was
To become who I am
Moving militant
I just had to switch up the camp
Staying diligent
They might say they'll get around to it but
If my ship doesn't come I'll just swim out to it
I wanna' talk to pop pop
Wish I had the power
I wish heaven implemented visiting hours
But here I am
Just tryna do my best
In a game where people win
Cause they buyin' off the refs
All these people wanna' fuck with me
Half of me is flattered
But the other half remembers last year I didn't matter
How convenient for you
You get to swoop in
And make bank off something I've been grooming
For nothing less than 10 years pursuing
Childhood fantasies like Mike Jackson
Believed in myself that's when real life happened
Goliath is looking more and more and more like David these days
And depending on who you ask I'm getting famous these days
I got this mapped out
Go ahead and ask 'bout
The one that makes the whole industry ask how
This is easy and I'm only gettin better
This is Curry at Davidson
I dropped outta college still bringing the majors in
Come on