Sammie - Show Me (ft. Ying Yang Twins) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Sammie - Show Me (ft. Ying Yang Twins)

Show Me Lyrics / Paroles

c'mon lets put on the show... oooh woahh yeah


Set it up, knock it down

now its heard about all over town

turn it up, then turn around

and give them what they really want

meet me at the show, meet me at the show

come & meet me at the show, meet me at the show

Look like they need it now

can't go without, can't hit the club

without showin out

this is us, they know it now

at least this is what they really want

meet me at the show, meet me at the show

come & meet me at the show, meet me at the show.

[Verse 1- Samie Saya]

you know with the music comes the fame

the fans showin love, but its just aint the same

i need your love, need your touch by my side

back stage supportin when I'm singing on the mic

be my producer come & tell me what you like

just let me know & i can send you on a flight

i know your workin' steady workin' on the go

& your on tour getting ready to perform so


[Verse 2- Samie Saya]

Baby, been thinkin about you lately

your always on my mind

too bad were short on time

both of us always on the go

performing every night cause thats all we know

don't want to be looking all alone

they waitin for us at the door

come do it for the money, do it for the show

baby I'm ready say your good to go

come on come & get me, say you'll come & get me

& that your gonna help me, help me, gonna help me

[Verse 3- MOGZ]

Out the window thinking bout you out those g4 doors

tonight im in Paris & we both on tour

unless its like the last time what you take off for

I mean miss what we had when we both want more


Do what you do, look pretty for me though

Yeah, they aint gotta know we can keep it on the low

Yeah im probably fucking drunk & im Probably off that Dro

But you always got me higher yeah you already know

Come over after, its a private show


when you in my room you can drop it for me slow

and every time we kiss see i cant let you go

yeah I dont think they know what we feel is not a show


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