Paroles: Hella Straight

[Verse 1]
Look, cold nights at the condo
Remind me of the old nights
Livin' a reality I waited on my whole life
2013 And the young boy learned to roll the dice
Betted all on myself, and never sold rights
They never got their hands out
But they don't get no slice
I could be polite one time, but don't get told twice
I make high lights, she hit the low lights
I only let fast girls in the studio on slow nights
So they ain't really there for no nights
People tellin' fairy tales
Girls on there snow white
Bring her to the Mitt
Really show her what the snow like
Look at this LA girl now
It's a cold life I live
My shit clean, your shit on lean
The money that slow
Then that shit the wrong thing
El Capitan, I ain't pick the wrong team
Like I pick off the pass, boy I'm seein' all green

Hella Straight
Get to work, then I delegate
They come back with the money and we celebrate
Get the spot, then I renovate
Take over the whole floor, then we elevate
Till the whole team hella-straight with it
See my boys shine and they jealous
I get mine with the fellas
See my old thing outta line I say hella

[Verse 2]
Then I hop in my new thang
The whip not the chick
Curves come without the moodswings
I don't need that drama no more
I ain't bring none of these choes to momma no more
Got the whole enterprise blowing up now
Women got their hands behind they back
They want the cuff now
I sip a little bit, on my I don't give a shit
Then get the buzz again
Before I get to come down
Yeah, nobody doin' what we doin' here
Moving like a veteran
They lookin' like I'm new in here
THey be where the honeys at
True, they got a few in there
I'll be where the moneys at
Ohh I like the view in here
Everybody claiming their the G.O.A.T
It's like a zoo in here
Came up in the city
Grew up out of it
Then blew up here
Had to get it on my own
Before I brought the crew up here
Never needed press
Recognition overdue appear


[Verse 3]
Goodbye I got better things to do
Then to come out of a time girl
And leave with you
I don't really think of you
I'll be on my work flow
Livin' how my dream is
How I hit em where it hurt tho
Nobody really thought I would make it out
Five years no publishes
All word of mouth
I could make a band
Just choppin' on my coach
For I been in Texas
I was poppin in the South
Got a bunch of rappers in my ear tryin' to get shine
I don't understand it when they talkin' like their big time
And in their feelings when I tell em no the fifth time
I ain't even picking up the phone when they hit mine
No, do not disturb me
I see these hoes, but they do not deserve me
No, I will not be early
You can wait for me
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