Scotty ATL - Pinky Ringz (ft. Bun B & Mookie Jones) [paroles]

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Scotty ATL - Pinky Ringz (ft. Bun B & Mookie Jones)

Paroles: Pinky Ringz

[Verse 1 – Scotty ATL]

My Cadillac fucking ready, pinky rings up in the sky

Let em know I fucking live for em or I fucking die

Please pardon my excellence know it’s kinda petty but

The king is coming, I’m just tryna get him ready

Bout 1980 something back, don’t forget it

Tryna take over the streets like the crack epidemic

Get [?], tweakers and music junkies alike

Let’s try to work inside like an exercise bike

I’m pimping, not literally

Got no hoes on the track, but a nigga do feel like that

He was fly in grade school, nigga still like jack

Picture man took his still right quick, we taking over [?]

[Hook – Mookie Jones]

Who that boy, in that car

With that watch, on his arm

Counting cake right in your face

Like please don’t hate, all they say

Put your pinky rings up

Put your pinky rings up high

Put your pinky rings up

Put your pinky rings up high

Put your pinky rings up

[Verse 2 – Scotty ATL]

Put your pinky rings up

Keep them motherfuckers up high, then wave them hoes in the sky

Fire up a blunt, let a nigga get high

I defy gravity, nigga getting so fly

Whatchu talking bout, whatchu talking bout (whatchu talking bout)

Man I can’t fall [?]

I ain’t even got an Audemar, but I still feel flashy

Ashy to fucking classy, that’s the truth

Cool club, leave this shit [?] in the booth

Saving up, tryna put a hole in the roof

This is my reality, this is not a spoof

Don’t talk about nigga, give proof

I hear em saying


[Verse 2 – Bun B]

Man I was born in the 70s, deep down in the dirty

Raised on them red beans and them neck bones, ya heard me?

Last of a dying breed, trying not to be extinct

Posted in the Dew Drop Inn, baby bring me a drink

Silent like a John Deere tractor

Rapper not an actor, and yes I am a motherfucking factor

Tall like the trees in the summer time

You already know if it ain’t trill pimping, it ain’t none of mine

You know I keep these streets hotter than a fish fry

You might be greater later player, not on this try

This round is sewed up, tucked and hemmed

Ask my haters, they say they done had enough of him

Swim through the swamp waters, came home with gator bites

Something like mosquitos, but not as bad as a hater bite

And look at you fuck nigga, you the hater type

Get out my circumference, fore I get in some dumb shit