Sean Price - Soul Perfect (ft. Illa Ghee & Royal Flush) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Sean Price - Soul Perfect (ft. Illa Ghee & Royal Flush)

Soul Perfect Lyrics / Paroles

[Sean Price]
George Papadopoulos
Monotonous [?] in this apocalypse
Papa shit
Chocolate doctor that doctored the document
Drop a bitch, pop a clip, stop it bitch
I'm one of the best, whoever is better
I bet a buck-fifty, you can't fuck with me
The loud sniper, the crowd hyper
The tall can is [?]
Give Sean love, give Sean drums
Defiant, I slam giants, Big John Studd
.38 long drawn, and pop at a perpetrator
Rae Dawn Chong, get the chopper with Schwarzenegger
The man so discipline
Spaced out black, Lando Calrissian
You see Sean ball cats
Scientifically, 3-2-1 contact

[Illa Ghee]
Deciphered the cypher
I write with a lighter
To these biters
See I fight with the fire
Like Pryor
My prior is barbed wire, [?]
And the drug supplier
Sapphire, I'm the Messiah
Black Meyer Lansky, my vocals are a cotton candy
Wrestled with life, turned savage, I'm like Randy
My culture I cultivate, condemn what I contemplate
I castrate the whole North America's bodyweight
Crumble ya jaw, and I shatter ya lobby
I'm Bobby Fischer, bar for bar, and body for body
Illa crazy as a kamikaze human molly
Pissin' on the paparazzi, [?]
I [?]
Infuriate the mechanism of ya social posse
This is written homicide with a mission
[?], raisin' the bar

[Royal Flush]
Flush is a smooth operator
And still run in ya crib with the hemi, annihilate ya
And violate ya, throw ya body off of the skyscraper
[?], seen teams fall for
In one trade, I keep a black mask like Darth Vader
I be right back, like the terminator
And keep a Mac on me like bitches that wear make-up
Ya lil' stupid motherfucker, get ya weight up
You eatin' out a bowl get ya plate up
And I ain't tryna let the FBI take us
With more jewelry on my neck than Jacob
And still be on an island on a VI with a Razer
I started from the projects
Now a nigga on acres
Staple ya center, like you played for the Lakers
Shit man I'm what a boss look like
Got too many guns in my life just to fist fight

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