Shad Da God - Hold My Cup (ft. Young Thug ) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Shad Da God - Hold My Cup (ft. Young Thug )

Hold My Cup Lyrics / Paroles


[Hook: Shad Da God]
Hold my cup then let me dab
Hold my cup let me cut our racks
Hold my cup let me get my strap
Hold my cup give me my cup back (2x)
Scroll my blunt, this an Iraq pack
All these amazing comfy sets (Margiela)
Wait go on back, or [?] that
We told em, stick for the whole team
I done got 4 rings with the 1 set ring
And we gon' buy, watches for the whole team
Chain for the whole team, and some earrings
And he's like, well we'll do no black on black when we got 30’s on a hoe
And these ratchets like this stick shift we got pulleys at the show

[Verse 1: Shad Da God]
Bad bitch and lean cup
Come get leaned up, come get doped up (hold up)
I’m feeling generous today, after we fuck you go cups up
I played around with the Rover
Before I buy none of that shit, I need some ice and some soda
I give you my old cup
Have 'em phone 'em back then call some cute bitches over
I tried to motherfuckin' tell 'em
Nigga don’t need to know about these Corollas
Bitch I’m motherfuckin' juugin'
Watchu know our money take 2 hands to hold it
And they sleepin' on Da God, what the fuck is it gon' take cause I ain't got no Folgers
Everyone have a new Rolli
? Run the stick don’t let me motherfuckin' smoke it
200 fuck the rag, it’s an everyman zone and he thought that I told ya
Just cause these bitches be nosy, y’all don got cosy with the snub nose
Bitch play with them balls like the pros
Shawty whippin' Derek that’s that Rose
All my niggas shootin' not no golf
Hold my cup you better not let it go


[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Pussy bald head not a fro
Copping, yeah she coppping but she not the 4s
I’m not from Canada Shad dat my whoad
Covered in J.C. Penny like I motherfuckin' told
Read me a book, pull up with dog and they shook
I just wanna cook, we G and we don’t give no fuck
Slime all the crooks, we don’t give no fuck about no looks
We don’t give no fuck about the news
We pull up knock you out the shoes (o0o0o)
Fill her spot up whenever I want
Spent 100 bands on a ledom (hold up)
Another 20 bands on a ledom
100 racks in my hoodie pockets, don’t I look Trump
Fuck that bitch so long she need to have more punch
She like baby boy you need to leave that molly alone
And I promise imma do it, I even put on my son
And it's a shame he only 2 and he knew that I was lying (bitch!)

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