Shaggy (ft. alaine) - For your eyes only [paroles]

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Shaggy (ft. alaine) - For your eyes only

Paroles: For your eyes only

Intro (Shaggy):

Deh pon yuh case,

Gal mi pon yuh case


Deh pon yuh case, yes mi deh a blaze fi mi

Tony Kelly!

Deh pon yuh case, Pon di gal dem case

Mister Lova deh yah hackle up you fi a blaze

Chorus (Alaine)

Dis ya loving nuh haffi chat yuh nuh

Mi sey reddi when you reddi mek we start it nuh(yuh betta know)

My love is for your eyes only

Love is for your eyes only (Rept.)

Verse one (Shaggy):

Wha mi sey now

My babes so good goodie good goodie

Good good good

So any ting mi want any style any position

mi wah experience she could

Mek mi feel like mi deh pon cloud nine

Have mi zone out under the boom wine

Like she want a tight rope suspended inna di air while mi romance her pon the clothes line

Mek mi fire shot like

Bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap,bap

How she so hot when she deh pon top

But mi call her cause you know Shaggy go dat

Yes man a bad man, man a soldier

cause man a deal wid dem colder

But more time you get whip

Get ready with the zip

Get ready cause you know mi turnover.

Chorus x 2 (Alaine)

Verse two (Shaggy)

Wha mi sey now

Best time inna di morning crack a dawning

Si mi darling so mi put it in

And mi know her body calling form the bawling

So you know sey di energy well spend

So mi tek it easy on the first round

Cause mi style and technique profound

I man declare legs in di air

cause mi nah stop til mi hear the sound

ah ah ah ah ah ah give mi dat baby

Right a way she a praise mi, drive har body crazy

Cause you know mi nuh lazy

Have the situation under control

Round three but the saga unfold

Suh she dress up inna lace, have candle a blaze

So mi know sey she know how fi play the right role.

Chorus x 2 (Alaine)

Verse three (Alaine):

Baby look look look mi know you like wah yu see

yeah mi love it, Yeah mi love it when you looking at me

Baby hah hah hah

yeah mi like how you feel

Mek dem know (Shaggy)

when yu touch mi like yu touch mi, (Alaine)

yu know how fi mek mi scream

Baby this ya love is for your eyes only

and today and tomorrow feel the same way

yeah baby look pon it, don't you want it

like I want it got you hook right pon it

yea yea

Chorus x 2 (Alaine)