Sheek Louch - Loyalty [Lyrics/Paroles]

Sheek Louch - Loyalty

Loyalty Lyrics / Paroles

Ok, once upon a time there was 3 little guys
Who grew up in Wyoming and crack started to rise
For the dope boys they sat and they baked the pies

Ok, one nice with rap, one love the girls
One love the scrap and kept a black…
One day they all around, they chilling
They grab the ttk and press record to see how they sound
Wow, before long the whole town was behind them
And everything you heard you had to rewind them
Then there was this lady, who knew them all sine they was a baby
Had connections crazy, well
One day she said enough is enough,
Took the tape cassette and board it to a home boy Buff
Took some time to grind, they didn’t blow over night

Stay loyal to each other, never got in a fight,
Alright, then they took a flight, to party with the superstar friend one night
But it didn’t go right,
Back to New York, everybody all sad
Things was bad boy real, real bad
Things got strange, the label that they had don’t change
Quickly they had to rearrange, now they all grown
They still rock together, but they nice on they own

Still to this very day, they the topic of talk
And these other rap groups, you don’t see them in sight
The moral of the story is loyalty, good night
Good night, good night.

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