Sheek Louch - What's On Your Mind (ft. Jadakiss & A$AP Ferg)

What's On Your Mind Lyrics / Paroles

Tell me what is on your mind [x4]
I don’t know what they… I don’t know what’s on their mind
I know what I’m thinking about

Verse 1 [Sheek Louch]
Yea, I be thinking bout my money, yea bout my wealth
How I be drinkin you be thinkin’ I don’t care about my health
But I’m lightin’ and I’m smoking
I got like 50 on my wrist and I ain’t jokin’
Shooters on deck, and they ready
Mack 11, 9 millie, automatie and we pull up in them cars
And we skirtin
Try to act like she don’t notice it’s working
Don Don, Bitch. It ain’t hard to tell
I’m tryna upgrade you, put you in Chanel
Or we can hit the hood and hit the local hotel
And hit it from behind until that pussy swell
Well, woo, more Dutches
More yack, more weed, more dutches
We hold each other up like crutches
D- Block you know them nigga’s can’t touch us
What’s on your mind


Verse 2 (A$AP Ferg)
She a bad motherfucker, swear to god I love her
She always catch a CJ everytime that I fuck her
And it’s straight to the hole like I’m ballin’ in the Rucker
Marty tryna peak, who that, that my brother
Sipping on the Henny got me up, so horny
Imma fuck her till the sun up
Aw, put the ding a ling all up in her, tummy
I’m a fuck her till she change my life
I’m the realest you can put it on my life
She gon’ make me disappear yea she did it to the Sprite
She ain’t never have a nigga like me ever in her life
That’s why she on the wood like a fucking parasite
Oo, I love it when she lick me, don’t leave a hicky
My girl fin' ta fuck you Bay, I love it when that wrist go


Verse 3 (Sheek Louch)
It ain’t nothing but a word
Gun cocked for my nigga Ferg
A$AP fuck what a nigga heard
And we don’t miss, we just plead the 5th
In any court room ain’t that right Kiss?

Guilty till I’m innocent
Came straight from the bottom of the tenements
I don’t leave the block dog till I finish it
I don’t fuck with it if I can’t benefit
Account read and got good penmanship
If I started out with it imma end with it
Imma figure out a way to try to blend with it
Shit yall just now doin, we been did it
I ain’t talkin’ to ball players or rap niggas
I’m thinkin a little further then that Nigga, Yeah, From brick movers to pack niggas, fuck rap nigga
Now tell me (what’s on your mind)*3

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