Short Dawg - Jaccin 4 Beats [paroles]

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Short Dawg - Jaccin 4 Beats

Paroles: Jaccin 4 Beats

Look, here a nigga looking large
Pull up in a south top out of pushing hard
Feeling some kind of way, I must have took your broad
I started from the bottom like a full massage
Now I'm somewhere in the middle, I'm probably overseas getting head, being skittles
All these bad hoes on me 'cause I made it by myself
Only thing bad 'bout your baby mama is her breath
Niggas still sleeping on to me, they hating or they deaf
I'm balling so hard they complaining to the wrist
Ain't one how you want it, handguns go hand to hand
Either way, you leaving handicapped, you don't stand a chance
Oh, look, moment of silence as I pour up
Make the young hoes cause a riot when I show up
I don't hang with rappers, all they do is hate
I got this cougar on me like I play with you of age
She gonna break brick, she fold lunch that she made this
And blow the pipe till her face red
I got 'em twerking harder than Miley Cyrus to all the rounds I quote
And he do it in the mirror like a line of coat
Yeah, I pimp chicks and I sold crack
Like my chicks licks but my clothes match
Fresh man in the building, that's some announce
So she made it bounce like an overdrawn bank account
Money, money, money is all I think about
On this road to the riches wish I would've taken a safer route
Instead of starching grams tryna make an ounce
Never could take a loose top flow with the W
I like my women and my cups in twos
Can't dance but I'm in the streets busting moves
Niggas gay 'cause they raise where it wasn't rouse
But counting cash is the only time I'm touching dudes
Can't be faded, had to grow breaks
Where I'm from niggas never die from old age
Niggas out here, wifelesless, not a hoe safe
Though she been around the block going both ways
Not me, I'm cruising sky street, letting Pac beat
Trunk waking up the neighbors but the top sleep
But you niggas mean, mugging while the boss speak
Tell me when I drive heated make it crash, leak
Cops keep tryna catch a nigga slip
My old hoe tryna get me back to pimping
My ex say she ain't gonna listen to my next tape
Girl, you know you won't diss disc
I swear zone had to make it home
Rolling weed up under the smoke
When it comes to these hoes leave 'em broke
And never take 'em home to ma like the teacher's know
And I be on the dough, and my cup's always white like the pope
When they come to frisk bars they comparing me to soap
Keep it real so you gotta feel me like you grow
H-town, nigga, you can take the tattoos 'like a raccoon
Make the rest choose 'cause you know they get crisp
If the thoughts pop you gonna probably get this, hold up