Shy Glizzy - Rounds [Lyrics/Paroles]

Shy Glizzy - Rounds

Rounds Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Shy Glizzy]


[Hook: Shy Glizzy]

I be with my rounds
We be smoking off the pound, nigga
Play with me it's going down
Better keep your rounds, nigga
Hottest nigga in the town
Got a bad bitch and she brown
It's about to go down
I'm sorry baby girl you can't lounge

[Verse 1: Shy Glizzy]

I'd rather kick it with my rounds
We be blowing out the pound
Club pay me ten thou'
Just to come stand on the couch
Send my niggas to your house
Wipe him out
He going run his mouth
Clear the back room and hit the couch
Bring me back his kids and his spouse
Bitch only want drama
I should've listened to my mama
Riding with the llama
I'm trying to see who want drama, nigga
Chickens in my hummer
Bet you never met the farmer
All I fuck is Rihannas
And Keke Palmers, nigga


Ooh that pussy so good
Yeah she got that Meagan Good
Baddest bitch in my hood
Give me head while I hit the backwood
I can fuck all your bitches if i want to
On Allah, I made a half a mil this summer
Swerving in a G like master P up in a hummer
Glizzy got the thunder
Run up on me I'mma gun you (BOOM)
I don't need nobody
Black John Gotti with the sawed off shotty
Keep it right beside me
Let a nigga try me
I'mma beam his ass right up like Scotty
Sometimes I ride in my big, big body
Bitch get inside it
Get so excited
Bitch get trifling
Took her to an island
You know we flew private
Shout out to the pilot


[Hook:Shy Glizzy]

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