Sir Michael Rocks - Quality Time Lapse [Lyrics/Paroles]

Sir Michael Rocks - Quality Time Lapse

Quality Time Lapse Lyrics / Paroles

Verse 1

Yesterday the in the shower man I thought about it

I was in there bout an hour thats a lot of water

I could honestly just be the man I really wanna

Kinda bothered me so now I'm finna be going harder

I swear to God I'm on the phone with the old me

From 06, the me that didn't know shit about much

I was skating with deanndre and lub with ? at the anime club with a sub with salami

Thats my routine

The art school

Im trying new things

Im selling drugs to the cinema kids

I can't remember they names

I can't remember quite what they did but i remember something one of em said

Hes talkin bout

I think you really smart in the game

You easy to relate to but hard to explain

That was the old plan and i stuck to it

I just knew to do the work cuz you fuck niggas couldn't do it

And i was right too

Who knew that those nights I was headed to the answer?

I didn't know

My mind moving like white folks when the neighborhood start changing up cuz were dangerous

I really think I, I really think so

Before the whole world blow and we all gotta go Imma show you how the fuck I roll


Got the ? ravioli red

Throwin signs like the zodiac

I ain't never been the one to run

Its time to go and get another gun

I been wrapping the work, I been shipping P's

America look what you did to me

My beeper go 'ring ring ring'

Y'all calling me, y'all tryna get some weed

Got to serve for my momma and these surgeries

My beeper go 'ring ring ring'

If i die while I'm chasing this fuckin dream

America look what you did to me

My beeper go 'ring ring ring'

Verse 2

I heard a knock momma went and put her face to the peephole

Cops said i was getting chased by some people

Is everything good?

You in the wrong place?

Wrong time?

Wrong color zone?

Hes in the wrong hood

Did they even draw blood?

Do you know about these thugs that we're trying to get framed for a shootin

You in a gang?

You recruitin?

You a lame?

You a student?

Where ya hang?

Whats your name?


Thats good

Staying outta trouble huh?

Who said that I would?

As soon as they left I linked back up with Katelyn

To suck on some titties cuz we wasn't fuckin yet

We wasn't nothin yet

We was running around with them flea market diamonds

Coming to school, sellin them to all the niggas who ain't know and get money from momma

First sell I made 250

I had to give that back

He was stealing money from his momma purse

Taking 100 dolla bills when she go to work

Dam boy, the things we do just to fit in and keep up with niggas

I had to give that up

Wanted to be my own man, before the internet told me who I was

I was the shorty who used to catch all the ?, coming back to the crib covered all with ?

Big ? told me get fresh on niggas and don't run if they press you

I used to go in those closets, man, and steal all those clothes

Throw up signs

I used to throw up mine

Now I'm riding home with a buncha bricks

Police come and I'm punchin it...


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