Skeme - 6 AM In Miami [paroles]

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Skeme - 6 AM In Miami

Paroles: 6 AM In Miami


I'mma lay it out

Wizo wuddup nigga?

South Beach shit

Might need to bounce to the crib first

It's 6 AM in Miami

I'm thinkin bout timin

I'm drunk, that's how I laugh, I'm the realest boy on the planet

These niggas out here just getting chip

And bitches just getting dick

Tell this world that I'm killin shit

Tell these rappers they stealin shit

I'm really that nigga now

No question marks or commas

We hittin Atlanta next, I set the play up with Drama

Presidential my wrist,

That yellow gold be Obama

Bitch I'm a terrorist threat

They done resurrected Osama

I dropped a album for one of my double dims come in summer

These niggas lyin, I'd better talk, I just speak through the numbers

I done wash my dirty hands, now I got shooters to dump you

You get bigheaded with me flat, you clap yo mind shrunk

But I took my balance to South Beach

Ain't too much out of reach

I'm back on my spot so nigga just get yo ass out my seat

Don't speak what I'm bout be, I'm just practicing what I preach

I rap without Ritalin, they just rappin bout what they see

This shit is raw, be SOP, so shout out this Hennessey

Probably be over my next one when I get this lean

I'm out here GLA forever, no second guessing

SOS until the death, you know the set that I'm reppin

My niggas there, we CTW's that come to the weapon

We stashin rugas in uvas

Even the chauffeur feel threatened

All this game I got I must've been a pimp in my past

Like Duck Sauce, I'm coming back, I need my 1 and a half

My crew was here to be

Cus truthfully if it be you or me

All they ever shots in whoop whoops that's how you know it's Skeme

Sg and ODB for nigga, I might go 3

Charging you what? I've been with Duke, that bitch a hoe for free

Fuck it

Ya bitch

I'm on a bus and ain't giving no fuck

I ain't got no shirt on in Miami bitch, what's happenin

Gold on my chest, yea nigga