Ski Beatz - Fly By (feat. Curren$y)

Fly By Lyrics / Paroles

Verse 1: Curren$y]
My nigga (?) hooked it up, (?) did my rims today
Or at least that's what he say
But I take e'rything with a grain of salt
In case things fall apart, I won't be the one that fault
Full steam on them haters, we will never halt
Smash on it, show money, pounds of weed, gallons of gas
Seven Chevys in the driveway, four more parked in the grass

Put a notice on my front door, they ain't fucking with it
But I ain't switching - they gon' have to deal with it
My name on that deed, mufucka that's me
And in the next ten minutes, I suggest you leave
My dogs is unleashed and only taking orders from G's
Respect it or check it, at your throat like a necklace
Money well invested is money in that Jet shit

[Hook: Tabi Bonney]
If you look high up, you can see me fly by
B-baaahh, aahhhhhhh
If you look high up, you can see me fly by
B-baaahh, aahhhhhhh

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Still on a mission, fishing though not for Ski Beatz
He in the passenger seat occasionally taking a pull of the weed
And waving down at land lovers from 30,000 feet
I'm at Auto Zone, copping car covers for my fleet cause I'm always gone
But them birds living high in them pines always home
Shitting on the roof, hood, and the windshield
Buzz kill you know how it is, but enough of it

Presidential high, self-governing
Only fuck with them trill Jet misses, never with a sucker bitch
Get a nigga popped, crossed, on some whole other shit
That's why I'm somewhere uncharted with a boss chick
Spending this rap money faster than I can count the shit


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