Skippa Da Flippa - Aquafina (ft. Soulja Boy) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Skippa Da Flippa - Aquafina (ft. Soulja Boy)

Aquafina Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Skippa da Flippa]

Aquafina, water (woo)

Met a bad Spanish bitch her name was Lisa (Aquafina)

Pussy wet splash, water

Hey Aquafina, it's nice to met ya Aquafina

Lisa it's nice to greet ya

Hey nice to met ya (Aquafina)

[Verse 1: Skippa da Flippa]

Shipped a bad bitch from Argentina (Foreign)

Pussy wet, dip - splash - water, Aquafina

She check my determiner

I told her that I'm cleaner

I can't take ya to the crib but you can ride in my to seater

Told her holla with the airbeater

Now she covered in Versace [?]

Pour [?] with the one liter

Put some bands on the jewelry on she froze like the deep freezer

Her little [?] a school teacher (woo)

Her daddy a preacher

Brother just asked me for a [?]

Her sister just brought a new Beamer

And then her sister [?]



[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]

[?] a bad bitch from Angelia [?]

Pull up in that Billy and ya know I'm touring

Me and Skippa da Flippa whippin' chickens and driving in Bentleys

Moving the pounds of [?] through the city with [?]

You know that I'm with it

The diamonds they glistening like Diddy

The diamonds come in I'm flippin' the Billys and whippin' the chicken

Aquafina, one on set you know that we getting it

Migo game, fifty chains (water) [?] kill em


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