Skippa Da Flippa - First Day Out [paroles]

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Skippa Da Flippa - First Day Out

Paroles: First Day Out

[Verse 1: Skippa Da Flippa]

First day out, tell you a little story about my first day out

Just wooped 50 shows that's for showing a big knot

My old hunnid soul, that dick start to rot

Get money physically my fucking minimally

Literally been flexing since elementary

Just cause we don't talk don't make you my enemy

Ask on my digits I bet you remember me

Can I go back you would think I was Men In Black

The way I tuck them pistols in my German slap

Finna get real and you already know that

Its hallow on hallow, you catchin' like Prozak

Chevy painted Tropicana

Don't get mad if you calling and I don't answer

I'm probably getting magic fucking with the dancers

No I'm not new to this, nigga I'm true to this

Can't be a sissy here and shit this here's Ludicrous

Don't ever put on your trust on these bitches

I won't change when my turn come to the riches

Yo nigga love, just hit a mission

I just seen some bitches, she blow me some questions

Obey by the rules and term and conditions

Shit here's illegal, I copped out a Regal

I fucked yo bitch, fucked her right in the fetal

I'm like the heroin when it comes to the needle

50 in neehee's, I get 'em from Diesel

Free all my niggas still in that stressing

And if you hold it down then you don't get a blessing

Don't make that plan if you don't know who texting

I knew I was good she think I am a sidekick

Your bitch just booted a mountain

I'm thinking bout coppin' a island

A little time in solitary confinement

My diamonds still changing the climate

60 pointers, where'd you find it

These niggas still hate that I'm shinin'


[Outro: DJ Durell]

Free my nigga Offset

Free my nigga Rich The Kid

QC shit, we ain't going back and forth for you niggas