Skippa Da Flippa - My Life

My Life Lyrics / Paroles


I got 1000 words, pressed 1000 birds

Cut down bricks, shot clean and dirty sticks

I washed my hands, father that’s my word

Hustle, muscle, this is my life, this is my life

You better think twice, this is my life

My brother’s still in the pen, where can a nigga begin

I asked god to wash away sins, even though that was still when

This is my life, this is my life

You better think twice, this is my life

[Verse 1]

My sales is Little Caesars, but I deliver

You lick her, Flippa get with her

Every 8 ballers are home with no tripper

I been in Versace, you rocking Ed Hardy

Fifty grams a day, like I’m Bob Marley

Only did [?] n Audis, Carlos pull up on the Harley

Nobody don’t love you, till you somebody

Somebody call Scotty

Four angels with me, but I am no Charlie

Hit you with 100 rounds, dig up your body

That’s how the game goes

This my life, basically it’s a movie

Austin Powers Uzi, make you get groovy


[Verse 2]

I float [?], [?] the pigeons, I didn’t even mention

No apprentice, [?] show, you know that Flippa stay with extensions

These niggas gone hate, pretenders gone give up your play

What brought me the most is selfish ass niggas

Bitches be bitching when you give them no attention

Pops died when I was a young nigga, [?] reason why I turned to a killer

Other than that I’m really on a money mission

[?] for the moms, I got to see triple

Been seeing bands, I’m tryna see millions

Fuck a nigga’s thot, say fuck a bitch’s feelings

Say fuck a bitch’s thot, say fuck a nigga’s feelings


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